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Nairobi Mamba Village
  About Nairobi Mamba Village  
      Nairobi Mamba Village is situated an estimated 13 kilometres away from Kenya's capital city - off the Lang'ata - Karen road. A wide range of facilities are provided at the resort, located in a spacious and serene environment accessible by a tarmac and all-weather road.

    An array of leisure and outdoor activities are available to visitors of Nairobi Mamba Village. These include recreational options like a secluded picnic site, camel, horse, boat riding; adequate space for garden parties, weddings, splendid photo/video shooting sessions, superb scenery, conferences facility, children playgrounds, leisure park, crocodile pens, ostrich park, bird watching trail, man-made lake, restaurant, barbeque, longe, bar, bandas, art gallery, gift shop, amphitheatre & a botanical garden replete with rare, exotic medicinal plants and trees.

    The main restaurant has a capacity of up to 300 guests at a time alongside an 'island' buffet space overlooking the man-made lake, which can seat another 120 patrons.

    Notably, Nairobi Mamba Village has over recent months earned emergent status as an important environmental education centre. School groups i.e wildlife & science clubs from all parts of the country regularly visit the Village to learn about crocodiles and ostrich birds on several days every week.

    By virtue of its extensive range of medicinal tree and plant species found in its botanical garden - Nairobi Mamba Village boasts a yet-to-be fully tapped potential, as a resource centre capable of creating environmental awareness to a broad spectrum of people.

    Nairobi Mamba Village - just as the name suggests, is the home of Crocodiles in Kenya's capital city. The species found here is the Nile Crocodile - which is one of the three species common in Africa and the biggest as well. Also considered as man-eaters, the Nile Crocodile can, and sometimes does easily snatch and devour human beings at will. Any close encounter with the reptile is to be avoided at all costs. The Nile Crocodile also known scientifically as Crocodylus Niloticus - is on average a well known reptile, primarily owing to its huge size.

    It has four short, splayed legs; a long powerful tail; and a scaly hide with rows of scales (known as ossified scutes) running down the back to end of its tail. It's mighty jaws are regarded as its greatest asset and weapon. The nostrils, eyes and ears are also located on the top of their heads - the reason why the reptile is able to conceal the rest of its body underwater.

    Juvenile crocodiles are grey, dark olive or brown - though the cross-bands on their tail and body are darker. And as they mature - their hide gets darker as the cross-bands fade away. The colour of the Crocodile's skin makes it easy for the reptile to lay in wait patiently for unsuspecting prey. At the Nairobi Mamba Village, the existing pens are flanked by grayish rocks and sand beds where the Croc's bask - within a richly vegetated background meant to mimic their wild and natural habitat.

    Amazing integration of nature and man activities with an opportunity to see savannah ostrich in an extensive area and yet get close enough to feed them from your hand. All this is experienced in the Mamba village ostrich park.

Ostriches are flightless birds, regarded as the world's largest and heaviest birds. Their scientific name Struthio camelus is derived from the Greek word "camel sparrow". In local Kiswahili dialect they are referred to commonly as "mbuni".

    Ostriches can be found in especially Africa - although almost all zoos world wide must have the bird within their pens. The birds also considered to be powerful runners - have long, sturdy legs though each has only two toes.

   At the ostrich park in Nairobi Mamba Village, the sanctuary provides an amazing integration of nature and activities. Visitors have an opportunity to see a graceful savannah ostrich within its natural environment and also get up close enough to feed them from one's hand.

    The mamba village leisure park provides a great location for relaxation. Outdoor activities such as garden weddings, graduation ceremonies, concerts self structured games and funfairs can be held here.

    A soon-to-be-inaugurated Leisure Park covering about 10 acres is currently under creation. Upon completion, it is expected to transform Nairobi Mamba Village into an environmental conservation centre and a botanical garden of a kind in East Africa with more than 90 medicinal trees already planted in the grounds.

    The resort’s proprietor, Harun Muturi notes that the same concentration of indigenous medicinal plants and exotic trees cannot be found anywhere else in Nairobi on a single location. In the long term. the leisure park is intended to offer an ideal location for relaxation, outdoor activities such as garden weddings, graduation ceremonies, live music concerts, self structured games and funfairs among other activities, which require expansive space When complete the leisure park will have features such as:
• Large open lawns
• Amphitheater
• Medicinal arboretum
• Palm garden
• Mini-Golf
• Water garden

    Source: Official web of Nairobi Mamba Village  (2009)

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