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† Stálá akvarijní výstava Brno
  SAV - A Mecca of Brno Aquaristics and Terraristics  
      Long-term tradition of aquaristics in Brno took an active substantial part in establishment of the Permanent Aquaristic Exhibition of the Zoological Gardens of the city of Brno. Its beginnings date back to 1907 when the aquaristic and terraristic association Cyperus was founded in the Moravian metropolis. Breeding successes achieved would not never be complete if the general public could not be made acquainted with them, at first in a popular and later in a professional form. Exhibitions of fish took place as sporadic, even if well-attended events and it means that also as successful, but timely limited events at the beginning. However, later the specialists came to the conclusion that it is necessary to ensure a long-term presentation of achievements of aquaristics and terraristics and, at the same time, to provide the general public with professional advisory assistance. These intentions were realized by the authors of the Permanent Aquaristic Exhibition in Brno. Utilization of professional experience, but also responsive approach of the architects when incorporating the exposition into historical rooms of the old Town Hall enabled to open the Permanent Aquaristic Exhibition for the general public on April 3, 1969.

Uniqueness of colours and shapes
The Permanent Aquaristic Exhibition of the Zoo Brno is unique already by the fact that it presents a great number of representatives of both sea and freshwater fish, plants and animals almost from the all quarters of the world in eighty-four tanks of the total capacity of 7,980 litres in a relatively small area (approximately 76 m2) directly in the downtown. As far as the thirty-year long history of the Permanent Aquaristic Exhibition is concerned, the activities performed in 1975 are worthy of mentioning. Further improvement of the interior was made and a nursery and feed preparation room was established in that year. In 1996, the first sea aquarium accessible for the general public was opened in Brno. Following its establishment and by progressive obtaining breeding experience, the number of expositions with other sea exhibits increased. Especially the aquarium for breeding sharks and morays is remarkable. The Indian-Pacific ocean zone is represented by Serranidae, Balistidae and, above all, by Pterois volitans. The tanks in the entrance corridor offering view of the occupants of Moravian rivers and of the adornment of ponds, goldfish are also worthy of mentioning. These expositions have been complemented by two tanks with the capacity of more than seven hundred litres in which representatives of fish from African mountain lakes have found their home environment in the last year. Reconstruction of the tank with corals was also performed in 2000. There are already fifty-one corals in the tank at present and they belong among the most remarkable attractions of the Permanent Aquaristic Exhibition.

In teh end of 2009 there were breed 866 animals of 124 species - (180  specimens / 34 species of invertebrates, 2 specimens / 1 species of cartilaginous fish, 661 specimens / 81 species of fish (of that 561 specimens / 74 species of freshwater fish and 10 speciemns / 7 species of marine fish), 16 specimens / 5 species of amphibians, 5 specimens / 2 species of reptiles and 2 specimens / 1 species of birds.

The world of silence will submerge in a Gothic cellar
The intention to utilize the area of the Gothic cellar under the Permanent Aquaristic Exhibition and to establish a unique exposition of the world of silence in it has already gained real contours in the last months. The council of the city of Brno were helpful and released considerable financial means for implementation. If unexpected difficulties are not encountered, the unique world of silence submerged in the Gothic cellar should welcome the first visitors in 2002.

Source: official site of Zoo Brno (2011)

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