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      Aim of WZD is to create the most complete online database of the world's zoological gardens and similar establishments. This database does not only serve as a mere list, but it have to offers also textual and visual information. In WZD database, there will be shown on page of each zoo (to the extent possible and availability) in addition to basic data also texts, photos, maps, images, files or short video from our sources and from the official printed materials or website too.

    There are certainly dozens of lists of zoos, but no it is not and neither is close to completeness. So the tendency of WZD will be to make the most comprehensive survey, supplemented by closed zoological gardens. Basic texts will be written in bilingual (Czech and English), individual contributions will be in various languages, which will be available. For greater clarity pages will be structured in logical geographical sequence, i.e.. world ► continent ► country ► lesser administrative unit (if necessary) ► zoo. Everything will be solved through simple clickable maps (with a bubble information). Maps of the continents are still accompanied by alphabetical list of countries with flags. Every zoo sites will have the same structure and identical items. For the sake of greater multilingual usability all items will be without titles, provided only understandable icons (with bubble help).

    To make a database like this is very difficult for several reasons. Partly it is about a great time demandingness, enhanced by the fact that this is a non-profitable activity. And partly there are factual issues. The information is often very inaccessible (especially information from less advanced countries and non Roman characters using countries). And it has also the snag, which looks trivial at first glance - what is zoo actually ...?!

    Sure, everyone knows what is the Zoo, fewer people would be able to define the zoo and hardly anybody can identify exact limits. It is not so much about what is the zoo, but rather, what is still the zoo and what is not. The concept of the zoo, also including other animal equipments (aquariums, terrariums, bird parks, etc.) is very wide and probably no rules limits it absolutely accurately. Around of all the world there are many types of equipment used for breeding and keeping of animals - in addition to the zoo, they are also facilities, which (although they are named otherwise) are de facto zoo or "different zoo". But how far goes down the limit of the concept? Where the zoo ends and begin something else ...? The decisive factor in most countries is to satisfy certain criteria and obtain licenses. However, for the purposes of WZD should not be relevant, whether it is in the Zoo 10 or 100 species of animals, whether it is open year round, seasonally or just in a few days a year, or whether it shows some research activities, etc. Therefore, we draw up the detailed rules, under which the equipment belongs to the database or not. In order not to be the inclusion zoo in the database too confusing, we have established 3 category of zoos: A - classic zoos, aquariums, bird parks, etc; B - facilities primarily intended for any other purpose than for breeding of animals (eg. aquariums in botanical gardens) and very little zoos; C - special breeding (often non-public) facilities (eg. breeding centres of zoological gardens). In addition to three main categories, there are also two historical - M - medieval menageries (ca. 6th - 18th cent.) and H - prehistoric and ancient menageries (ca. up to 6th cent.). and The rules and categories are described on a separate page "The Rules of the List".

    We believe that the database will find its users and that you will contribute for its entireness and recency. Some specific things how you can help us is written on the page "How you can help". Thank you.

Project WZD is managed by Roman Hynek.


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